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This may be close to what you're after
It's a hybrid PHP/Python client for webservers. 

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My question to the group is, has anyone done any work on making a
webserver side BT client?. 
I've been doing some searching over the past couple of days, and have
found that the ABC BitTorrent client has a PHP web interface, this
however still requires one to be running the ABC client on a machine.

The situation I have now is that there are 3 people sharing a 5 mbit
cable 'net connection. We all have found BitTorrent links for most of
our downloading, and as some of you know, having multiple machines
behind a NAT firewall running BT is not ideal. I would like to have
one of my internal web/smb servers become a "download box" of sorts. 

Of course the box in question would be running a flavor of Linux,
Apache/PHP and Samba for web/file duties. 

The ideal situation would be a person finds a torrent link on a site,
copies it, and then pastes it into a form on the private webserver.
The webserver script then starts the torrent like any other client,
with the output on a page much like that of the ABC web interface. (
http://php4abc.winkonz.com/phpmyfaq/ ) The download is in a publicly
availabe smb share. When the up/down ratio is over 100%, and the
torrent is finished downloading, the script would automaticly stop
torrent and email a message to the submitter.

Other possibilities include a Python/Gtk client that would handle the
submissions, as well as a cron job that would automaticly add any
.torrent files in a certian directory. 

Thanks for any help.

- --Pat
PS: Pretty ambitios for my first foray into python eh? ;-)$

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