[BitTorrent] Re: Replacing web content.

edavid3001 edavid3001 at primeinc.com
Fri Oct 15 14:26:15 EDT 2004

>> TCP/IP has a slow start issues. Each time you click a link you can
>> see this.

>You can?
>What about persistent HTTP connections?

>> That is why we have ARP cache/proxy, DNS cache, cached

>Eh, ARP and DNS are UDP only.

Yes, HTTP/1.1 helps some.  Pipelining looks promising, but has issues.
"...HTTP/1.1 does not attempt to solve some commonly seen problems,
such as transient network overloads at popular web sites with topical

Go to http://www.yahoo.com/  Click on the icons at the top.  Each take
you to a different website.  So for each of these when I click on them
my machine does ARP requests, DNS lookups, etc.  While BitTorrent is
TCP/IP, it has to wait on the underlying OSI layers to do their job,
so you still have some of this overhead. 

I didn't really want to/plan to debate the concept here.  And I am not
saying that I am 100% behind the idea.  I have performed numerious
Google searchs and just can't find anything on the topic and am
curious what others thoughts are on the subject.  I do appriciate your
input, as well.


Edwin Davidson

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