[BitTorrent] Interview

Guillaume Champeau - Ratiatum kadredal at ratiatum.com
Fri Oct 8 19:18:07 EDT 2004

Hi Gregory,
Thanks for these precisions (feel free to contact me at gchampeau(-at-)ratiatum.com ; I'd love to know more about this cryptography/privacy thing).

Bram did kindly answer and yes you guessed what his answers were ;-)
Check it here : http://www.ratiatum.com/p2p.php?id_dossier=1728&page=2


Réponse au message de Gregory P. Smith envoyé le 08/10/2004 à 15:23:35 :

>> 3. Before BitTorrent became what it is, you worked on Mojo Nation, a P2P network with very smart concepts to encourage file sharing. Unfortunately it quickly vanished. Is it something you would like to revive?
>hehehe.  i don't know if Bram responded to you or not.  Regardless I
>can guess his likely answer on that would be "no!".  I was the first
>developer of mojonation when we hired Bram.  he started working on
>bittorrent based on the lessons learned on mojonation: (a) what people
>really want and need is a way to distribute large content cheaper (b)
>keep it simple.  mojonation did neither of those.
>for what its worth, another of the mojonation developers (zooko) has
>kept the mojonation codebase alive.  See the mnet project. 
>> 4. According to your own words, "Mojo Nation incorporated many interesting cryptographic techniques". Do you plan on adding cryptotography mechanisms to protect privacy with BT 2?
>cryptography does not protect privacy; privacy protection is much more
>difficult than that.  bittorrent's purpose is merely efficient content
>distribution.  i'm sure this would be another "no".
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