[BitTorrent] Replacing web content.

edavid3001 edavid3001 at primeinc.com
Wed Oct 13 15:47:49 EDT 2004

I know it is possible, but does anyone know if someone is currently
working on a BitTorrent enabled web client?

If you are a ./ (slashdot.org) geek you are aware that the ./ effect
can easily bring down a website.  See http://www.cherryos.com/ for a
recent example.

The idea being that the entire website could be contained within a
.torrent file/files and updated by the website publisher.

The enabled webclient could be a VB app running the IE OCX, or a
plugin for Mozilla.  The client would connect to the website and the
(not yet defined) standard location would search for the .torrent
file.  Maybe a GET /index.html.torrent (as example.)

If found and the file hasn't changed since the last download (SHA1
check), the web client would download the .torrent file over
bittorrent, including all graphic and such.  The .torrent would be
stored into a cache directory, extracted, and then fed to the .torrent
enabled browser.  This gives realtime AV the chance to scan/block
malware.  I would also suggest that the user be allowed to block any
file extensions, and by default would only allow those such as .htm,
.html, .jpg, .gif, .png, and the like so that executables would not
get launched in the local machine security zone.

This would serve several purposes.  It could reduce the ./ effect, it
could allow folks in China to get around their firewall, it could
lower the cost of bandwidth/cpu/diskbandwidth for startups and offload
it to many clients/ISPs that are idle.  

Phase2) Down the road, the BitTorrent could replace the WWW.  Using
some sort of global directory such as a global LDAP (Negating the need
for tLD's) or some new DNS record type, one could imagine a *browser*
capable of moving the *web* from HTTP to BitTorrent.  I'd prefer the
LDAP solution, with some sort of Google like search capability.  


A search for AcmeNews could find that location and the content for it.

Obviously the first phase would be much simpler than this second.

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