[BitTorrent] info_hash help

Felipe Magno de Almeida felipe.almeida at ic.unicamp.br
Mon Nov 22 12:19:33 EST 2004

if I remember well, you should start in the character 'd' after info and 
include the 'e' that closes the info dictionary, the second 'e' is in 
fact the closing of the entire metadata dictionary, it doesnt have 
anything to do with info dictionary, you should include everything that 
is inside info, even pieces. Hope it helps you

Adam Lyttle wrote:
> I am working on a BitTorrent client in VB (I'm much more proficient
> with VB, so it's my language of choice). However, I have run into a
> bit of a dilemma, and I have been unable to find any solutions to my
> problems in source code (because VB is rarely used for protocols such
> as this). So I was wondering if someone could help me out, preferably
> explaining it in lamens terms so I can convert it into VB code.
> My problem is with the info_hash, I can't for the life of me work out
> what needs to be hashed. I have been hashing values all day to try and
> get the same hash as other bittorrent clients that I am using, but I
> have been unable to get it.
> The specification states that I need to hash the info dictionary
> value, what does this mean exactly? What part of the following example
> would I hash?
> :infod6:lengthi184102912e4:name10:..........12:piece
> lengthi262144e6:6:pieces3:...e
> Do I hash the 'e' encapsulation value at the end of the list
> dictionary value?
> Do I hash the massive 'pieces' value?
> Do I put the 'infod' value into the hash?
> Also, I have noticed that there are two 'e' values at the very end of
> the torrent file. Should I be placing both of these values into the
> hash, or one, or none?
> Please help me out.
> Thanks
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