[BitTorrent] Re: Replacing web content.

Aaron Ingebrigtsen krepta3000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 17:11:49 EST 2004

That exact ability exists in Freenet.  I had a Freesite of my own, 
with my own innovative update technique that no one else used, and 
that kept MY freesite updated better, and allowed people to get my 
Freesite a lot faster.

Freenet contributes the way BitTorrent does, sort of, only without 
trackers, so it's harder to find nodes that have what you want.

I think having Sites that exist only as Torrents, aka File Swarms, 
within the Bit Torrent network is a great idea.  And keeping these 
sites updated would be pretty easy too, just create a new torrent 
for the current dated version of the site on your harddrive, and UL 
it to the Tracker.  When people DL the newest version of the Torrent 
it only creates the files that aren't already in their own copy of 
the site.  Of course, if the site change often enough the local copy 
of the site on someone's computer could get much too big, and have 
to be totaly deleted and restored from the most recent version of 
the Torrent.  But I'm sure an easy interface program can be created 
to handle all that in the background.

I don't suggest doing any kind of Email or Chat system based on BT, 
the way Freenet was handled.  I honestly believe that the Freemail 
Freenet system, and the FreeChat Freenet system, Totaly drowned and 
killed the entire Network, with their millions of worthless little 
files filling up all the nodes, crowding out all the worthwhile 

Anyway, I'm sure this BTSite idea is a good idea, and I bet I could 
make my website available on BT that way, but who would want it?  
LOL :)


--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, Alexandre Van de Sande 
<alexandrevandesande at g...> wrote:
> 1-is Bram Cohen a member of this list?
> 2- Does anyone know the status of the webtorrent project? Is it 
being developed?
> P2P web hosting seems to be a natural next step, huge sites like
> wikipedia spend thousands of donation dollars to be able to keep up
> with their thousand visitors each hour. Imagine if each one of 
> users could contribute with bandwidth...

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