[SPAM] [BitTorrent] BT Live Stream

Aaron Ingebrigtsen krepta3000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 23:51:18 EST 2004

I wish there was a BT based live audio/video streaming system in 
place right now.  I mean, I know it would be truely live, but 
Shoutcast isn't Truely live either, because of the audio processing 
buffer, the Encoder's buffer, the Shoutcast server's buffer, the 
various router's buffers as the stream travels to the user's 
computer, and of course the streaming buffer on the users' player 
and whatever audio processing buffer it needs.  Lots of places where 
data is being stored, processed in some way, and moved out, lot's of 
ways a stream can take time to get to the ears of the listener.

My radi station plays a song, and by the time a listening player 
plays the same exact piece of data, at least 30 seconds has gone by 
on the source player.  That can be as long as an entire song, if 
it's one of those tiny game songs or a sound effect of some kind.  
It also means that if someone want's a different song played, they 
have to wait for the change to take effect in thier own player, it 
isn't instantaneous.

I realize there is a system called Peercast, that is very much like 
shoutcast streaming, but I tried it and could never get connected to 
the server that controls everything, so I gave up on it.  If a BT 
based streaming system can be created, I'd use that for my radio 
station, to save bandwidth.  Every listener would contribute to the 
StreamSwarm, LOL.  I like how that sounds, StreamSwarm.

Anyway, I just really think that's a good idea.


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