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skybuckflying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 22:22:34 EST 2004

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> > I would find it quite cool if my bittorrent... [...] 
> > would be able to store chinese filenames etc...
> I don't find it specified in the wiki, but I've seen several 
> which have a "encoding" key in the root dictionary.  The value is a
> string specifying the desired encoding of the torrent data.  For
> example, "Cp1252".  Windows code page 1252 is the defacto standard
> english (ansi, ascii, whatever) encoding.
> Also, when opening a torrent in BitComet, it gives you the 
> to tell it which code page to use when interpreting the strings.

Using unicode would be better since this would allow all languages to 
be mixed together like chinese, german, french, english, etc.

Here are some possibilities:

1. The whole torrent is encoded in utf8. This would still be 
compatible with old clients as long as all information encoded in it 
is in ASCII.

If some parts are not in ASCII then the old clients might start 
seeing weird characters in the filenames. Depending on the client 
this might or might not be a problem. If the client simply replaces 
invalid characters for it's system then it could still work ;)

2. Double torrents. The utf8 torrent is included at the end of the 

3. New torrent extension .torrentutf8

Option 3 seems stupid, then all trackers would have to start listing 
to types of torrents bleh.

Option 2 would be inefficient to much space, trackers are already 
dealing with heavy loads I believe :)

Option 1 still seems to best option with still a decent ammount of 
backwards compatiblity ;) and support for the future/languages of the 
planet =D 

One little possible enhancement would be to include a field somewhere 
to indicate if the torrent is in ASCII or UTF8 encoding just so the 
programmers are sure what kind of encoding it is.

Some last comments:

Just adding some "utf8" fields to the torrent won't do since the rest 
of the torrent fields are then still in ASCII... 

The point is too "completely" "replace" ASCII.

( Well not really ofcourse since UTF8 is compatible with the lower 
128 ASCII chars if I am not mistaking :) )

> > I would find it quite cool if my windows xp was 
> > able to display chinese text as file names etc...
> Option 1, google for "chinese language pack" on microsoft.com.  The
> language pack gives you the fonts to be able to view the language. 
> Option 2, use IE to visit a chinese website.  It should ask you if 
> want to install the fonts (and then asks for your WinXP CD).

Thanks for your tip, I like option 1 best ;) no cd required :D

> > That would be cool =D
> Personally, I find those "unknown character" boxes to be just a 
> as showing the actual glyph.  And it takes less disk space & 
memory.  ;-)

Huh ? Noooo that can't be true... because as soon as one has multiple 
chinese files... they all look more or less the same...

All empty boxes =D

Well if they looked like chinese, one still wouldn't know hehehe 
unless one can actually understand the chinese glyphs etc... but at 
least there is a difference, which one might remember the next time 
one needs the same file or something ;)


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