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Mon Nov 22 06:16:06 EST 2004

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, Vitenka <vitenka at n...> wrote:
> Just to add.
> Character set encoding is an unsolved issue.  Sticking with the 
> basic ascii codes is your safest bet.  Some client replace anything 
> other than a-z A-Z 0-9 _ with characters which are safe for that 
> operating system.
> This is good, because some non-english clients sned some very 
> characters - since they assume that the clients are all in their 
> character set.

Yes this site also says ASCII 7 bit is most safest for data transfer


However UTF 8 is recommended for data transfer in the internet.

I delved into this myself once and others also recommended UTF 8.

I believe that UTF 8 can encode any 'character'.

The name UTF 8 might be a little bit missing leading I think... since 
one could believe that it uses only 8 bits per character but I do not 
believe so that this is the case... when it needs to use more bytes 
for a character it simply does so. This website also says up to a 
maximum of 6 octets.

The only difference is that UTF 8 is more compact.

At least that s what I believe ;) and I believe that is correct.

Also the big benefit is that the lower 127 ASCII's characters are the 
same for UTF 8.

So I would recommend UTF 8 as the encoding type for bittorrent lol.

A bit late... but better late than never.

Though you do raise other interesting questions...

What if chinese people start "encoding" the filenames etc... with 
chinese letters etc... 

I probably don't have a chinese font etc installed so I would only see

[][][][] empty boxes..

I am not sure how that would all work out...

The vice versa is probably not true..

Chinese people will always see ASCII character I guess since that was 
the most dominant thing...

I believe the whole computer invention "came" from America :D

So ascii is still safest ;)


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