[BitTorrent] Tracker-hub implementation?

John Hoffman theshadow at shambala.net
Tue Nov 30 20:16:50 EST 2004

>The BitTornado source package ( http://bittornado.com ) includes one
>method of linking trackers, but is extremely inefficient and very
>abusive to each tracker in the network, gathering peer data by
>appearing to be a client to get batches of peers and adding to its
>internal database. This method is VERY abusive to trackers.
>Some versions BNBT (specifically 7.3, 7.7, and 8.0;
>http://bnbt.go-dedicated.com ) and trackers based on those versions
>have much more efficient ways to link trackers available, relaying
>peer data between each other. All communication between trackers
>happens over a persistent link in a similar fashion to IRC, although
>using a propietary protocol to do so. Currently it does not support
>linking multiple tracker hubs to each other, it only supports 1 hub
>with 64 leaves (as far as I have checked).

Hi.  First off, while I defined announce-list as an (unofficial) 
standard for specifying multiple trackers in the metadata, I never 
intended the multi-tracker implementation in BitTornado to be a 
standard.  Rather, it was a proof-of-concept.

Second, the peer-sharing arrangement for my trackers isn't as efficient 
as it could be, but it is not abusive.  Cross-tracker communications 
overhead is constant compared to tracker load, and would be approx. 0.1% 
on each tracker in 4-tracker swarm where each tracker was handling 10 
torrents and 10,000 peers.

Third, having persistent connections between trackers would be more 
efficient, but load might be linear instead of constant depending on the 
implementation, in which case overhead might be much higher than my 

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