[BitTorrent] Anonymous/Privacy Possibility upgrades for BT

oneguess.rm oneguess at rocketmail.com
Sat Nov 20 04:56:25 EST 2004

One of the problems with internet is that to be anonymous you need 
to go through servers which increases the load on the internet, and 
if everyone went through servers, speeds and traffic would be more 
than doubled. 
Firstly why do people need to be anonymous anyway? Well giving out 
your IP provides you as a node and that your are active so you've 
just given away any fact that you weren't there. Secondly you need 
to open your computer to share files and receive the response back. 
Further there are privacy issues as people want their privacy. 
Another issue is safety, why can't people help without being 
identified as helping. Even furthermore arise issues with legal 
problems involving the data your sending from being copyright, to 
the data being legally stated not as publicly viewable (so the 
government decides what we can and can not see), and further BT 
provides a medium for them to enforce and catch those providing the 
ability of freedom so you can download it or not. 
In short there are many more points why people deserve to have 
privacy of sending the packets to people, and being that BT has 
become a mainstream protocol of passing files it makes sense it 
should allow anonymity for serving. 
So what are the alternatives, well I thought up one and I know for 
some ISP's that this wont be feasable as their routers/servers would 
either filter or re-change the IP. But the idea is that the person 
sending the packets gets the details off the tracker of a range of 
packets the user needs, an authentication id, port and whether they 
are accepting anonymous pacts or not. If they are the user could 
just send the packets that they feel they need with the 
authentication id, and port so it reduces chances of DOS, and the 
user sending packets just masks their IP. I know this would 
introduce issues of reliability of data, and unfortuneately the user 
will just have to wait till next update to the tracker to request 
the packet to be resent. The increase to the tracker would be 
minimal as it would just need more information from the users if 
they choose to receive anonymous files at the times. Other 
advantages include an increased number of people leaving their 
upload to run and hence people to download files faster, and 
finally. Now of coarse this means the user will get all these 
anonymous packets and try and sort them into some userable form, but 
assuming there are clients connected to them that aren't anonymous 
they could request these missing bits, and then everyone would be 
better off. Even with the issue of the person receiving too many 
anonymous packets, such that it becomes a DOS attack, you could 
issue a couple of authentication ID's to go with the packets and 
block particular ID's when it becomes too fast for the computer to 
handle, but this and other things could be solved with different 
Other alternatives include running all the files through the tracker 
server, but I think we are tryin to increase speed, and reliability 
but flexibility and this does not help this. 
To sum up basically allowing people that send files to mask their IP 
(set a fake IP) to the client with the data they can use, but if 
their client is not updated or it's not accepting anonymous files 
then they wont get anonymous packets their way. So by making it a 
feature it means that it doesn't have to be used but can be used for 
those people that find it appropriate in their situation. 
I would like to get some feedback on what you think of this idea and 
the possibility of it becoming a standard with BT. 
P.S. Another issue involved would be making the client program to 
tie into the interface and mask the IP. Which i'm sure is possible, 
but may limit it to certain programming languages that get to be 
anonymous, but all could receive anonymous packets. 

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