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skybuckflying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 30 05:42:20 EST 2004

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, Justin Cormack <justin at s...> wrote:
> Hey you lot stop having silly arguments.
> Buffer overflows are trivial to stop, just always check the size of 
> buffer. The reason there are so many is that this can be a bit 
> compared to other bits of programming, and also that building 
proper error
> handling into a program is often as much work as writing the 
program itself
> as you have to decide what to do on every failure path.

Yes... it was a quite silly discussion... though the effects of these 
bugs can be non-silly ;) like hackers and worms etc. iew.
All I ment to say is writing good/robust software requires lot's of 
work/effort =D

> Writing a bittoreent client is quite hard, and it doesnt help that 
> spec is a bit vague in patches and it takes a bit of testing and 

You mean in places (or in patches ?)

> to work out what it means sometimes. It depends why you want to do 

Yes well said ;)

> but as a programming exercise, well I wouldnt recommend it until you
> have read and inwardly digested Stephens' Unix Network Programming 
> a minimum, and you are quite familiar with multiconnection server
> design.

Why what is in that book that I don't already know ? 

( I know more or less how tcp works and that s just fine I dont have 
to really know ever last little bit of detail )

What I dont know about is how the internet routes packets... this 
seems almost a mystery...

It seems it simply forwards packets and hopes for the best... 
(forwarding is done on a little bit of information where the packet 
should most likely go ;) )

Why this always (?) seems to work is something I don't understand :)

At first this might seem not related to bittorrent.

But bittorrent is using many many many tcp connections... so have 
some knowledge about tcp and routers might give a better 
understanding how to prevent the network from "crashing" or getting 
overloaded... or doing bad things to it... like maybe to many 
different destinations might require to many switches... ok maybe 
that s bullshit... but maybe the following bullshit... maybe if 
packets go to the same destination... maybe routers can pack them 
together in large packets... though some networks are atm and have 
small packet I believe so the exact opposite happens etc.

Also one last really important question which is on my mind is what 
does bittorrent have for an effect on network bandwidth... is it 
possible that bittorrent might one day "congest" the network ? maybe 
it s already doing that ?

So it's easy to see how all these topics which might not really seem 
related at first... but then turn out to be important and therefore 
should be considered as well ;) especially ofcourse when it could 
help improve performance of bittorent =D

> If anyone is interested (or anyway) I might write a more formal 
version of
> the bittorrent spec now my client implements most of it (just need 
to fix
> behavioural aspects and chase some more bugs, restructure it again, 
> fix the timeouts and a few otehr things...).

At this point for me... it s like you say more of a programming 
excise and also interest in the bittorrent technology/ideas/concepts 
itself and even beyond that.

For me the wiki page was very helpfull it was a bit more clear than 
bram's spec... but bram's spec also had some stuff in it which was a 
bit more clear than wiki.

For example my previous question might be turned into a faq... I am 
not sure if that is the way wiki works ? maybe wiki doesn't work via 
faq's ?

Or the spec could be made a little bit more clear with like a 
dictionary/appendix or whatever ;)

For example I didn't what I binary raw string was.

So then at the bottom of the wiki page some words are explained

"binary raw string" - Each byte value is turned into a char. A raw 
binary string is a string containing these chars.

Something like that ;)

Or maybe even a pitfall section lol :) like winsock's pitfall section 
is mostly ment for fun... but it s a bit nasty... using words 
like "incrediable lame"

So pitfall section:

URL encoding works with control characters like "?" and "/" and "=" 
and "&"

These characters should not be encoded like %23...

For the most part only the "value" parameters for the keys of the url 
need to be encoded.


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