[BitTorrent] Tracker URL working ;)

skybuckflying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 25 08:52:36 EST 2004


I looked a bit at how some other programs did it... then I looked at 
the only source code I did not write... "UrlEncode"... and I guessed 
that most have been the problem =D 

And I was right :)

I completely forgot how UrlEncoding is apperently supposed to work.

The funny thing is that URL's have "reserved" characters... one could 
call these "control characters" these characters are supposed to be 
*not* encoded if they are supposed to specify where parameters start 
and end etc...


 Dollar ("$")
 Ampersand ("&")
 Plus ("+")
 Comma (",")
 Forward slash/Virgule ("/")
 Colon (":")
 Semi-colon (";")
 Equals ("=")
 Question mark ("?")
 'At' symbol ("@")

So these characters should *not* be escaped :)

The wiki page and the original specification were not terribly clear 
on this... but then again... it's part of the url specification... 
but still it would be nice to include some extra "advice" about how 
to make the tracker url etc... as to not fall again into the pitfall 
that I fell into =D

So the "real" tracker url protocol is like this:

tracker url?info_hash=<url encoded hash raw binary 
string>&peer_id=<url encoded random raw binary 

That means only the info_hash is to be "url encoded" and the peer_id 
is to be "url encoded"

In other words only the "values" of the parameters might need to be 

Now this string is working just perfectly ;)



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