[BitTorrent] Re: Problems with RAM "overuse" by the BitTorrent client

mat_bos mat_bos at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 17:50:48 EDT 2004

Thanks for your explanation. After saying that, it looks logical. But
the problem is, that it does not goes back to normal after hashing is
complete, it even gets worse when downloading. 
The only solution for system to work normally after that is reboot.
But, as i said, i had these troubles with just one file, with others
(also same sized) i hadn't. 

thanks aynway,

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, Brian Dessent <brian at d...> wrote:
> mat_bos wrote:
> > 
> > I had these problems with only one file (4,2 GB). When i started the
> > donwload the ram used procentage kept rising until it hit the 95%.
> > After that, every application i opened was slowed down as much as i
> > would be working on 10 yr old machine. When i used ram freeing tool,
> > it freed 70% of the ram and until it was full again, applications
> > worked (almost) normally. for me, this isn't normal.
> > but, i downloaded that file and now i don't have any problems with
> > torrent now.
> It's perfectly normal if you understand how a file cache is supposed to
> work.  "Free RAM" is wasted RAM.  The operating system's job is to use
> RAM as effectively as possible, and when an application begins reading
> many megabytes of data from disk (such as the hash check when you resume
> a transfer) then it allocates free RAM to the disk cache.  After the
> hashing finishes everything should go back to normal as the OS will
> purge any pages used as cache when an application demands more RAM.  If
> you really want to you can use a tool such as 'cacheset' from
> sysinternals.com to force the system to relinquish the disk cache back
> to the free pool, and you will see your nice happy free RAM amount
> skyrocket.  But RAM that isn't doing anything is wasted RAM...
> Brian

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