[BitTorrent] bt2 protocol features

Olaf van der Spek OvdSpek at LIACS.NL
Sat Jun 5 18:15:47 EDT 2004

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> > Related thing, how about peers refering to pieces *strictly* by hash?
> > This adds to anonimity by allowing for lack of a better term, better
> > "zombie" clients that simply obey instructions to get such pieces via
> > such and such a tracker. This could be used by a group of peers with a
> > high-bandwidth secondary connection (such as 802.11, or sneakernet), and
> > allowing the clients to get files much more quickly while the "zombie"
> > clients can have full deniability (without knowledge of how to
> > pieces, they cannot know what they're getting).
> I'm not sure that just a hash with no further information is sufficient
> to uniquely identify a chunk.
> There are only so many hashes possible - and although it is a large
> number - if you don't know which piece of a file it is, or which file it
> is a part of then you are increasing the chances of a bad match quite a
> And since it matches the hash, there'd be no way to know that the data
> was bad until you had the whole file and it failed to run (or whatever)

MD5 and SHA1 are especially designed to be collission resistant. As a
result, the change you find a collission (two different inputs with the same
output) is almost 0.

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