[BitTorrent] Using BT as a distribution system for apt and yum like software updates

jarito030507 jarito at lehigh.edu
Wed Jun 9 14:04:08 EDT 2004

I am current considering an independent study with a professor of mine
to study the possibility of using BT as a way to distribute software
packages. We are aiming at integrating BT into yum to start off and
then moving to apt. I have a couple of questions for the list about
this topic:

First, is anyone currently working on something along these lines? I
would hate to reinvent something that has already been worked on.

Second, I read in the specifications for the BT2 protocol that files
would be able to be shared between torrents. This seems to me to be
the perfect solution for the software update problem. Seeing as how
most software updates are rather small, starting full BT sessions for
each file would be resource intensive and would result in a low
probability of finding a significant number of peers. I was thinking
that if the tracker could dynamically build a list of packages for
each user, then start the torrent for *all* the files, then the
torrent size would porbably be big enough to warrant the use of BT.
However, the odds of having two users with the same package list would
be small. But, if several peers are downloading the same update as
part of their update list, then they could exchange information with
each other. 

I hope this makes sense. Please ask questions. This idea is in its
infancy and it would be lovely to get some feedback.

Jarret Raim

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