[BitTorrent] Bittorrent as a large-scale software distribution system

Francois Petillon fantec at proxad.net
Fri Jun 11 13:06:42 EDT 2004

Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator wrote:
 > Alright, about using BT as an alternative to FTP mirroring.
 > If you mean using special clients as alternative trackers, you're
 > probably looking into something that isn't necessary. Even at 10k
 > peers, a typical business-level webserver can handle the load without
 > even flinching. Using BitTornado and its variants are how I tested the
 > transfer rates. Using Super-Seed mode from those clients during
 > initial uploading will increase the overall speed of the swarm greatly
 > since rarest pieces are sent out first, generating new seeds as early
 > as uploading 550mbyte for a 500mbyte file in my test environments.
 > A 100mbit BT seed with 10 simultaneous uploads can generate higher
 > overall transfer speeds as compared to a 100mbit FTP server with 10
 > connections (properly configured and uploading to the same initial
 > downloader base).

I am afraid you misunderstood my mail.

First of all, as I work for an ISP, I am looking for services to provide 
to my customers (juste like the mirrors server) and possibily to the
community (depending on the cost) : for the ftp mirrors, I just reserve
600 slots for local IPs, 1000 slots for networks we peer with and 400
slots for any "others" connections (mosts users seems to select local
servers as I have a higher number of connections on peerings than those
on transit).

As a ftpmaster, I feel like being able to scale to specific events is
difficult and probably quite inefficient.

Thus and like BT seems to be more and more commonly use as a alternative
way to download "official" contents, I was wondering if there was
something to do at this level. I am quite conscious BT will induce an
overall transfer speed higher than the direct seed output transfert
speed. But, I am quite doubtfull about the uselessness of a localserver
to induce additionnal transfer speed. Moreover, you may rely on a
localserver to give information about network links (BGPx would be
useless as even if you manage to get the routing table, you can not
differ peering/transit routes).

Typically, I would think about secondary trackers registered for a 
specific network. These trackers would then give to local users 
information about preferred IP blocks and local disks servers to
request data from. These disks servers could either be full mirrors
(like ftp mirrors) or cache mirrors. But as I do not know neither if
this would be compatible with future BT philosophy nor if people would
be interested, I am quite interesting by comments on the subject... :-)


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