[BitTorrent] Re: Falsifying uploaded and downloaded amounts?

John Prevost j.prevost at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 17:25:18 EDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 18:48:20 -0000, Michael <iameatingcrackers at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Or is it the popular opinion that this isn't an issue of any
> importance?

In my experience (and I suspect in most peoples') there are just some
people who will leech a lot and some people who care enough to keep
seeding.  I've also seen some indications that clients that make
seeding more workable by providing explicit support for re-seeding
bring more people over.  And further, I suspect that at least a
portion of the leeching population are people with very small upstream
bandwidth, or with administrative limits on bandwidth usage.

This is actually something that BT2 might help a little bit--by making
it easier for you to handle multiple torrents over a single
connection, and allowing you to seed file A to a person while
downloading file B from that same person.  A client that supports this
behavior well could be a god-send to the folks with small upstreams.

The final nail in the coffin from where I stand is that the only sites
I've seen that have these up/download ratios provide what I consider
to be somewhat dubious content.

For myself, I am satisfied to do what I can, to try to convince others
to help out, and to accept that from some people you're only going to
see the minimum that they have to send to get a good download rate
until the file completes.

It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.

I'd rather just ignore the issue of these "ratio sites", because the
numbers you get are never going to be perfect in any case.  Also
because someone could always set up a "friend" to report lots of
downloads to pump up their stats in a simple peer-report scheme, and
anything more complicated is just going to create a huge nasty mess.

Leave the numbers there as a method for reporting statistics, and
don't try to use them for more than that: if you do, people will just
work around it and they won't even be useful for statistics any more.


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