[BitTorrent] Re: bt2 protocol features

Olaf van der Spek OvdSpek at LIACS.NL
Thu Jul 15 13:24:37 EDT 2004

John Prevost wrote:

> Oops--yes, a number of incorrect values in my message.  This is what I
> get for doing back-of-the-envelope calculations in my head while
> writing email.
> Your point about TCP overhead is well taken--and I'm really not sure
> what can be done about that.  The problem is that "non-contributing"

Decrease the amount of send messages. Get rid of the required keep 
alives. Combine HAVEs.

> peers are still important--for one thing, a peer which isn't your best
> peer at time t1 might end up being a best peer (and sharing a lot of
> data with you) at a later time t2.  For another, I can certainly
> imagine that a peer with a very low bandwidth connection might end up
> *only* transferring data to and from other peers in the optimistic
> unchoke slot--it would never transfer quickly enough to become one of
> the favored unchokes of any peer, but it would still be contributing
> and still be receiving data.

Isn't that only true when it's the only low-bandwidth peer?
Because if there are multiple, then they can effectively share with 

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