[BitTorrent] Falsifying uploaded and downloaded amounts?

Kevin Smathers kevin at ank.com
Wed Jul 14 15:16:47 EDT 2004

Michael wrote:

>When a client sends their amounts that have been uploaded and 
>downloaded to a tracker, couldn't that be easily falsified?
It is trivial.  For a proof of concept see the '-e' (exaggerate) option 
of my btget client (see below) within the LibBT distribution.   Within 
the protocol the only effective way to promote share and share alike is 
through the peer-to-peer protocol, not through the tracker.  One 
strategy for example would be to pace distribution of packets from your 
canonical peer to the net distribution rate of the network so that the 
last packet is sent out only as a majority of peers become close to 

>'The reason I'm asking is because I was thinking of starting a tracker 
>that would somehow reward the people with the best share ratio every 
>month & ban the leechers.
An outright ban would just cause the clients to very quickly introduce 
the needed workarounds.  If you were going to do something like this at 
all, I would (a) not advertise it, and (b) make the service differences 
very subtle -- by, say, connecting leechers only to other leechers. 

Look ma, no threads[1]. 
[1] BitTorrent in C is http://www.sf.net/projects/libbt
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