[BitTorrent] Re: IP_TOS setting wrong

voo6evoo voo6Evoo at perennialmind.cjb.net
Mon Dec 13 14:49:08 EST 2004

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, "Gregory P. Smith" <gpsmith at g...>
> In RawServer.py it looks like someone attempted to set the IP_TOS
> bits.  However it is set very oddly:
> in the bind() method:
> server.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_IP, socket.IP_TOS, 32)
> What does 32 mean?  
> Its diffserv "IPTOS_PREC_PRIORITY 0x20"
> A more appropriate value would be "IPTOS_THROUGHPUT 0x08"
> Also, it needs to be set on outgoing connections for it to matter. 
> Not just the server socket.

Looks like yahoo rejected my normal mail (grumble).  Resubmitting.

The TOS value of 32 equates to the DSCP value of 8, which is used by
the scavenger service.  Instead of indicating that throughput matters
more than latency for this application, it indicates that the traffic
is low priority, but can consume much bandwidth, and thus should be
throttled unless there is "excess" capacity.  For example, at work I
am on a university campus where capacity is high, but where unfettered
consumption will draw the attention of the network administrators.
As long as their routers are configured to shape scavenger traffic,
I should not need to cap my usage to a fixed rate.  At home I control
the router and configure my own traffic shaping to prevent bittorrent
and kazaa from drowning out my ssh and web sessions.

At least, that's my take on it.  See http://qbone.internet2.edu/qbss/
for general info on the scavenger service and
http://www.aarnet.edu.au/engineering/networkdesign/qos/ for details on
the history and use of these fields ("Precedence and DSCP" and "Using
the Scavenger service").

As for the code, I agree that it is both abstruse and incorrect.  I offer
the patch below in the name of clarity and correctness.  Without a
modification such as this, bittorrent traffic is not properly shaped,
and can get people (me) in trouble.  It was only today that I dug out
ethereal to find out why my policy wasn't being enforced as I expected.

Be advised that the default queuing disciplines in linux respect the
old RFC 791 TOS values IPTOS_THROUGHPUT and IPTOS_LOWDELAY and do not
make use of newer DSCP values.  So you need to install your own policy
if you wish to use this feature.  Even wondershaper appears to ignore 
the scavenger service.


diff -ru BitTorrent-3.4.2.orig/BitTorrent/RawServer.py
--- BitTorrent-3.4.2.orig/BitTorrent/RawServer.py       2004-04-02
23:10:44.000000000 -0500
+++ BitTorrent-3.4.2/BitTorrent/RawServer.py    2004-12-12
23:35:56.385056021 -0500
@@ -78,6 +78,16 @@
 def default_error_handler(x):
     print x
+def scavenger_socket(sock):
+    # DSCP of 8 signifies scavenger service (low priority traffic)
+    scavenger_dscp = 8
+    # DSCP occupies the upper 6 bits of the 8-bit TOS field
+    scavenger_tos = scavenger_dscp << 2
+    try:
+        sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_IP, socket.IP_TOS, scavenger_tos)
+    except:
+        pass
 class RawServer:
     def __init__(self, doneflag, timeout_check_interval, timeout,
noisy = True,
             errorfunc = default_error_handler, maxconnects = 55):
@@ -115,10 +125,7 @@
         if reuse:
             server.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)
-        try:
-            server.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_IP, socket.IP_TOS, 32)
-        except:
-            pass
+        scavenger_socket(server)
         server.bind((bind, port))
         self.poll.register(server, POLLIN)
@@ -136,6 +143,7 @@
         except Exception, e:
             raise socket.error(str(e))
+        scavenger_socket(sock)
         self.poll.register(sock, POLLIN)
         s = SingleSocket(self, sock, handler)
         self.single_sockets[sock.fileno()] = s

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