[BitTorrent] Re: BT repeater?

asmodeus_b asmodeus at tburg.net
Fri Dec 10 12:49:02 EST 2004

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, "smilindog2000" <bill at v...> wrote:
> Hi.
> BT suffers from a basic problem: down-loaders of big files typically
> leave the torrent after downloading.  This leads to an average
> upload/download ratio of at around 1/1.  Since most of us upload
> slower than we download, this is bad.
> I think more of us would be willing to leave our BT clients running
> with lots of torrents open, except that:
> - It uses too much disk space to remain in lots of torrents
> - It is difficult joining and managing lots of torrents

 I believe that your stated reasons for your solution are not a large
source of the problem.  There are clients that make it easy to manage
many concurrent torrents, such as Azureus and BitComet.
  Hard drive space isn't a problem, IMO.  If I need more hard drive
space, I just buy another hard drive.  There's a fixed cost that
scales linearly.

 At least in my experience, the reason why I stop seeding a torrent is
because I feel the swarm is healthy enough to not need me, or that my
limited upload bandwidth is better spent on a different torrent.  At
least in my neck of the woods, upload bandwidth doesn't scale
linearly.  To get more of it, I would have to switch to a business
connection, and multiply my cost by N, where N is in the 100+ range.

 Another possibility is to stage downloads and seeding off of a
colocated box, where there is a larger economy of scale for bandwidth
at the colo site (rather than my home), but I don't see any benefit
for me to eat that additional cost in order to have healthier swarms.

 In my opinion, you will keep on seeing a 1:1 ratio until people have
sufficient upload bandwidth to donate, and (especially) not have to
manage its allocations.  Maybe with symmetric upload/download speeds
you would see a better ratio?  I dunno.


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