[BitTorrent] Bittorrent in a gaming cafe

Olaf van der Spek OvdSpek at LIACS.NL
Mon Dec 27 05:42:10 EST 2004

> Hi,
> I work in a gaming cafe and am currently working on a project to use
> bittorrent as an effective means of copying games from our server to
> our client computers.  However, I ran in to a few problems with some
> of the larger games.
> Firstly, using 3.4.2 seemed somewhat better than 3.9.0 in terms of
> speed.  no biggy, i'll just use 3.4.2.
> Secondly, it seems the download rate of the files diminish quite
> rapidly.  we're using a 100mbit network, and get transfer speeds
> (using normal windows copy) of about 7meg / sec.  using bittorrent to
> copy a file (just 1 seed and no other peers) started off at a healthy
> 7meg a second, but as the file went on, the speed slowly went down and
> down.  w hat took 7 minutes using windows copy ultimately took half an
> hour using bittorrent.  it scaled well though, obviously, taking about
> 35mins to 5 machines at once.  this is for a file a little over 1gb in
> size.  i'm not sure whether this is it being choked, or some other
> reason why.  is there a way i can 'hack the source' to completely
> disable choking? it's being used in a controlled environment, so
> tit-for-tat sharing isn't an issue - getting it out as quickly as
> possible is.
> Thirdly, i was getting major troubles when trying to copy games that
> had a huge number of files (steam has over 1000 files in it).  i'd get
> an error that too many files were open.  with linux it could be fixed
> by using the command 'ulimit',  but it seems windows has no such
> option.  any advice with this one?  I hear azerus gets around this
> issue, but I really need the command line interface over the GUI,
> since a lot of this is done remotely using rsh.


XBT Client supports up to about 2000 open file handles, but this is global, 
not-torrent. So you could only download a single torrent at a time.
Would that be an option?
It also has a simple command line interface and web interface.


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