[BL] Can't get network working with BasicLinux on Qemu

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Thu Nov 17 02:18:16 EST 2016

qemu-system-i386 -m 16384 -fda DISK1.IMG -boot a

The only problem is that the floppy version comes without DISK2.IMG
pre-created. If you create the floppy2 disk image, then you can append
"-fdb DISK2.IMG" to command line parameters.

More about Qemu command line options:

El 17/11/16 a les 00:19, Devid Farinelli ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> My name is Devid and I'm a CS student in Bologna(IT). For a public
> presentation, I would like to emulate an OS on a raspberry pi using
> Qemu. For this reason, I've found BasicLinux that boots amazingly fast
> (20s) compared to many others (e.s. tinycorelinux that takes 7minutes ).
> The main problem is that when I boot BasicLinux on Qemu (on
> Raspbian/MacOS/Ubuntu) I am not able to get a working network interface.
> I usually start qemu with this command that works perfectly with TinyCore
>     qemu-system-i386 -hda Bl3-5qemu.img -m 256 
> but when I do an "ifconfig -a" it only shows me "lo" and "dummy"
> I've also tried with -net nic,macaddr=52:54:00:00:00:02 without success
> I am very new to BasicLinux and Qemu, so I apologize if this is a
> trivial question. 
> Any tip or guidance on what to try is welcome.
> Best Regards
> Devid
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