[BL] Where to download Opera 9.64 static QT for linux

sindi keesan keesan at SDF.ORG
Mon Jul 23 07:39:21 EDT 2012

Opera archives only provides shared version (requires QT libraries).
Oldapps provides all versions for Windows but only 10+ for linux.
I will post it myself if not available elsewhere.

I just got a 133Mhz Hitachi Visionbook Plus 4000 working with 80MB memory 
(turns out one of the 16MB EDO SODIMMs would not cooperate with my 
64MB DIMM but the other would.  The 64 or the 16 would work alone, but 
when combined Opera would crash instead of load).

I was using 8.54 with 32MB memory (it will even work with 24MB in BL).

I have extra SODIMMs (32, 64, maybe 128MB) to share with BL users.

The Hitachi works nicely for low-wattage email and text browsing, during 
our 100 deg F plus days this summer.  Now it also does javascript 
browsing.  Even has USB.

Sindi Keesan

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