[BL] Micro TransPort Trek 2 AGP

sindi keesan keesan at SDF.ORG
Sun Jan 8 22:35:07 EST 2012

Works with BL3 and BL2, framebuffer (vga=790 1024 res looks good, any 
lower res or non-framebuffer or text in X looks awful), with one of my 
2.4.31 kernels or 2.2.26 'big' kernel.

'fatal: kernel too old' means I tried to boot with a 2.2.26 kernel and 
glibc 2.3.6 which was not compiled (SW11) to use pre-2.4 kernel.

maestro 2 sound works in DOS and Win98SE but crashes BL3 and in BL2 gives 
lots of error messages "APU register select failed".  I looked this up and 
it is a kernel 2.4 bug but 2.2.26 gives the same messages then also 
crashes.  Sound also crashes pulp linux with 2.6 kernel (and alsa sound)
thought someone said to go back to puppy 4.12 alsa which this is, because 
later alsa was broken.

USB as module, or compiled into my kernel or David Moberg's 1-floppy USB 
kernel, also crashes BL at the point of loading the USB drivers.
USB works in Pulp linux and in DOS and Win98SE 
(nusb33e.exe has the drivers for usb storage).

I don't have the memory to try regular Puppy linux - maybe Tiny Core will 
work right.  es1968 alsa or maestro.o oss.

Pulp linux can be made to use framebuffer.  I don't recall if the text 
looked quite this bad in Windows.

pcmcia works fine and so does Xvesa and Xfb.  Nice solid keyboard.  Nice 
screen.  But not recommended for internet radio or USB flash drives.

Can take 256MB pc66 or pc100 SODIMMs.  6GB HD gives plenty of space for 
five operating systems.  Plus ramdisk BL2 and loop BL3.  266MHz.  Working 
floppy, untested CD-ROM drive.

In contrast to the Winbook SLi, the keyboard and mouse do not freeze up 
when you do anything graphical, the trackpad works in Puppy linux, and 
sound works in no linux (Winbook works with BL not Puppy sound).  I do not 
recommend paying for either of them to use with BL.  Linux has better 
support for better known brands.

Sindi Keesan

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