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Thank you very much for help.

I installed glibc.solibs 2.3.1. and misc-libs (which complained for lacking
of doinstall.sh or somethint...) as for bl3.
Then I downloaded, untar and run opera 8.54. It complains lack of a plug-in
("please install motif...") but it works for g-mail and https which I was
interested. It is not very fast but much faster than the speed I was used to
in ppp connection.
Links 0.93 for usual text browsing is incredibly fast. For this machine (and
hd....) that is at the moment more than I could expect.

BTW I have a minor problem.
With links 0.93, the one in bl2, I can't connect with most, almost all, ftp
sites ("ftp port command failed") which I could reach with the same links in
ppp connection, actually the mirror site
ftp://ftp.unina.it/pub/linux/distributions/slackware/. I can connect those
sites with opera.
To connect with ADSL via dhcp I did the following:
insmod 3c59x.o
I installed tcpip1.tgz from slackware 7.1 (following a hint found in the bl
archive) and run dhcp.
After installation I have a ftp directory in /home.
Have I to configure something in that directory? Or is that a problem
related to links browser?

Thank you.


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> On Sun, 22 Feb 2009, baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:
> > Salve,
> > Thank you all for so many hints.
> >
> >> Sindi wrote:
> >
> >> To run Opera 8 or 9 in BL2, get
> >> http://keesan.freeshell.org/bl/operalib.tgz
> >> This is the very minimum of libraries needed for Opera.
> These libraries are taken out of the glibc 2.2.5 so package for Slackware
> 8.1.  Steven uses the Slackware 9.0 libraries.  Later versions of glibc
> from Slackware will not work with a 2.2 kernel.
> libc is about 1.3MB and the others are smaller.  Under 3MB total.
> You probably did not run out of disk space.
> (I am using a 5MB glibc which is probably from the full glibc developer's
> package, which might be needed for compiling not just running programs.
> Also my libm is about 550K rather than 150K.  Steven, why are these two
> files so much larger?).
> > I tried to install the package opearlib.tgz but the computer stopped ("
> > installing ...) and there was no way to exit by keyboard or mouse except
> > than phisically powerdown. When restarted it couldn't  load bl.
> You might have a bad hard drive or other hardware problem.
> If this happens again, when reinstalling BL2
> mke2fs -c /dev/hda1 (or hda2 etc.)
> -c  Check the device for bad blocks before creating the file system.
> If this option is specified twice, then a slower, read-write test is used
> instead of a fast read-only test.
> If you have more than a few bad sectors, try to get a different drive, or
> if you must use this one, partition around the bad area.  DOS scandisk
> will show you where it is, if it is only one area.
> > I reinstalled bl2 (I had no data yet).
> > Now I have bl2 (gui with xsvga driver, 24 color depth).
> Congratulations.  Please also try Xvesa from BL3 or X.org because it uses
> half as much memory (about 1MB instead of about 2MB) and you have only
> 32MB.
> > I tried to run Opera 6 but it complains it can't find: ligpthread.so.0
> The missing library libpthread is part of glibc. I included it and other
> required parts of glibc 2.2.5 solibs in operalib.tgz.  glibc 2.2.5 or
> later is needed for Opera 8 and 9, but the Slackware 7 version should work
> for 6. You don't need the other parts of glibc.  Steven's instructions and
> library package include a lot more files, some of which are used by other
> X programs.
> Opera also needs libSM and libICE, which BL2 already has because icewm
> window manager also uses them.
> > The same trying to run Opera 8.54 (but in this case I may suppose there
> > many more...)
> > It would be possible to add this library?
> It works fine for me in BL3.  I already have the larger versions of these
> libraries in BL2 because I use them to compile with.
> > Thank you for help.
> >
> > Giuseppe
> >
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