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Wed Feb 27 13:27:12 EST 2008

Message from Steven
Teixeira wrote:
> I have a 486dx4/100 with 16mb ram, 1mb video, 
> monochrome monitor (640x480) and BL3 DOS version,
> My friend Maran has a Pentium II 300 with 32mb, 1mb video, 
> color monitor (800x600) also with Floppy version.
> Now we need your help to advise us about what should we do from now:
> Upgrade the libraries?

Do not upgrade the libraries on the 486.  If you want 
to run Opera (or other up-to-date application) on the
Pentium, you should upgrade the libraries or switch
to BL2 (which is a better platform for running up-to-date

> Replace XVesa?

If Xvesa is working, do not replace it.  You should only
try to replace Xvesa if it has a problem (or if you want
a capability not available in Xvesa).

> Install the add-ons?

Yes, the BL3 add-ons are easy to install.

> What should come first?

It depends on what you want to do.  If you want to
play games, there are games.  If you want to browse
on the 486, I recommend links2.  If you want to do
email, I recommend sylpheed.  Sylpheed and links2 
are good applications -- I use them every day.

> What are the primary steps to do it?

For BL3 packages and Slackware 4.0 packages,
simply download the package (?????.tgz)
and use pkg to install it.  For example:
pkg  ?????.tgz

> Since I know nothing about Linux, then I ask a lot.  
> Forgive me for that! 

Not a problem.  Continue asking.


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