[BL] Installing BL3 on HD - Victory!

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Mon Feb 25 13:44:34 EST 2008

baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:
> Now I have BL3 installed to HD and it boots ok.
> Let me resume my steps:
> - Boot from floppies 1 and 2;
> - fdisk -l   (just to have a look at the partition table and see what's
> going on there)
> - fdisk /dev/hda   (to start partitioning my DEVice /hda, which stands for
> C: if it was DOS)
> - fdisk option "n" allowed me to start a New partition, followed by "p" for
> "primary" and "1" for the first ;
> - fdisk option "n" again to make another partition, "p" for "primary" and
> "2" for the second ( I understand this  is    merely optional - I wouldn't
> need a second partition, right? )
> - fdisk option "w"   Wrote the partition table
> As suggested by the system, I run e2fsck /dev/hda1  and it say that
> something was "clear" . I understood it as "OK"
> Then I run   mke2fs /dev/hda1    in order to put an ext2 file system on  my
> /dev/hda1 partition
> Next step was mounting, by   mount /dev/hda1 /hd
> Now, install-to-hd ENTER   (simply like this)
> I heve put floppy1 on tge drive and  reboot
> When "LILO" started to appear, I pressed CTRL and I was prompted with "BOOT:
> "
> The I've commanded    hd root=/dev/hda1
> ( This is where I was making  it the wrong way:  I was typing "hd
> root=/dev/hda1  /HD" )
> The system made itself a lot of procedures and gave me the welcome screen.
> At that point I commanded  lilo -v
> Followed by  fdisk /dev/hda , option "a", "1", "w"  which made that
> partition bootable.
> OK, now it boots from HD .
> But  if  I did   hda1   bootable by the first time I wrote the partition
> table   instead of making it by last?
> Did it work the same way?

However, this approach has one disadvantage, it requires 12 megabytes 
RAM. For computers with four megabytes we would need different set of 


 I think about BasicLinux installer which will install to FAT or Ext2fs 
partition. In a case of FAT it can be DOS based which will execute:

UNZIP with floppy change

In case of ext2fs, with Linux, I could use some boot floppies similar to 
Samel Linux. The first boot floppy will partitionate and format hard 
disk, copy kernel, busybox and install script to the destination 
computer and execute lilo. Then reboot from hard disk without first 
floppy, insert the second floppy where the rest of BL is compressed and 
uncompress it.


> Thanks,
> Teixeira
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