[BL] How to install to HD from floppies

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Thu Feb 21 14:14:29 EST 2008

Message from Steven
Teixeira wrote:
> But now I intend to install it on another computer 
> (Pentium III) with the floppies version, which I 
> couldn't get to do

Does BL3 boot from the floppies?  
Does it run OK on the Pentium III ?

> First I used the supplied fdisk and made 3 primary 
> partitions (hda1, hda2 and hda3); What are the next 
> steps, considering that I want to boot from hda1 

Do you want to boot from /dev/hda1 (using LOADLIN.EXE)
or put Linux on /dev/hda1 ?

If you want to put Linux on /dev/hda1, do this:
mke2fs /dev/hda1

> and make a swap area on hda3

Use fdisk to mark /dev/hda3 as a swap partition, then:
mkswap /dev/hda3

> How can I get ext2 partitions?

First you use fdisk to create a Linux partition.
Then you run mke2fs on that partition.

> Do I need just one ext2 partition?


> Would you please give me step-by-step instructions so 
> that I could put BL3 on a 4GB Hd and boot from it the 
> right way?

After you create your Linux partition, mount it on /hd
and execute install-to-hd.  For example, if you want 
to put Linux on /dev/hda2, do this:
mke2fs /dev/hda2
mount /dev/hda2  /hd
This will install BL3 to HD and give you instructions
how to boot it (this varies according to which version
of BL3 you are using).

> Can I install a wideband modem right away or do I need 
> first to upgrade the libraries?

Do not upgrade the libraries.  It should not be necessary.
Most broadband modems connect to the computer using a
network cable.  Is yours like that?  If so, you will 
need to activate the network card in your computer
(using a BL3 network module).  Do you know the name
of your network card?  There are different modules for
different cards.


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