[BL] BL2 online via library wireless network

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Mon Feb 18 23:45:51 EST 2008

On Tue, 19 Feb 2008, baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:

> Message from Steven
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> Sindi wrote:
>> 5.  ifconfig eth0
>> 6.  dhcp (in BL3 I think it is udhcpc)
> You don't do both.  Either set the address
> manually (ifconfig eth0 ...) or get the
> address from the DHCP server (udhcpc eth0)

dhcp (from Slackware) would not work unless I first assigned some address.
Someone else commented on needing to ifconfig eth0 up for udhcpc before
it would work.

dhcp appears to use the /usr/share/udhcpc script (maybe it is a default?). 
The BL3 script looks like the BL2 one (both from busybox?).  The README 
file has become a man page.

In BL2 running dhcp did not change that first address, it just told me 
that I could use a different one, which I then assigned manually with 
ifconfig.  I don't understand much of this but somehow it worked.  (I did 
practice first with wireless routers at home).

Please clarify.  Sindi

> Cheers,
> Steven


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