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Ron's reply arrived here before my question.  Thanks Ron.

I could have typed
kill `pidof dhcp` - would that work for three processes?

Busybox 1.01 has version 0.9.9-pre of udhcpc, busybox 1.3.2 version 1.3.2, 
and Slackware 7.1 has 0.9.8 of udhcpcd (but when I type dhcp it works the 
same as udhcpc).

I found a dhcp mini-HOWTO:


and will investigate why dhcp continues running by default after 
suggesting an IP number.

They list some complicated looking procedures for Redhat and even 

None of this makes much sense.  Maybe these are different programs.

Another website says udhcpc won't work unless ifconfig eth0 up.  I 
specified an IP number instead.  dhcp would not work otherwise.

I have a /usr/share/udhcpc with a README (help file) and a default.script 
in it.  Maybe busybox udhcpc made them when it first ran?  Feb 1, 2003.

The script echoes "deleting routers" and then adds a default gw using 
/sbin/ifconfig (for which I needed to make a symlink).  It then echoes 
adding dns number and apparently puts that DNS number in $RESOLV_CONF. 
(Do we have a $RESOLV_CONF?  I ignored the new dns numbers offered me at 
the library and did not look to see if they were added to resolv.conf, 
since my own old ones worked).

BL3 does not have /sbin/ifconfig either - maybe in future versions it 
could be symlinked.

You can request a specific IP address -r .

In BL2 dhcp did not assign me an IP address, I had to type it in myself 
with ifconfig eth0.  Does it assign one in BL3?  I could simply write the 
library's main IP number on my laptop and assign myself an IP number but 
it might be taken already or the library might object.  I will experiment 
another time.  They threw me out politely at 9:05 pm.

udhcpc uses /dev/urandom (not found in BL3.50) to seed its random number 
generator to generate xid's.  You can ifconfig eth0 > /dev/urandom.  If 
there is no urandom, udhcpc seeds with time(0) instead.

Is there any reason to leave udhcpc running after you receive the IP 
number?  I see something about renewing a lease.  Most of the terminology 
is beyond me.

On Tue, 19 Feb 2008, baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:

> Hi Sindi,
> On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 01:27:54 +0000 (UTC), baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:
>> am currently using 24% of RAM, but three terminals are open and I am
>> ssh'ed to two sites and running dhcp three times.  I can't find find a way
>> to stop it and now I have four copies of it running.
>   "killall dhcp"           should do it.  :)
> Regards,
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