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Mon Feb 18 20:27:54 EST 2008

1.  Figure out the manfid of your pcmcia wireless card (I ran cardctl 
ident but I think cardmgr can do it somehow).
2.  Look it up online and enter the info in the pcmcia config file.
3.  Set up BL2 like BL3 with /etc/pcmcia, and compile (or download from my 
site or use Slackware's) the pcmcia modules and copy over the ones you 
will need to /lib/modules/2*/pcmcia and misc (8390, crc32).
4.  Type 'start' or whatever script you use to insert the relevant modules 
and to run cardmgr -o.
5.  ifconfig eth0
6.  dhcp (in BL3 I think it is udhcpc) - remember the number that you are 
7.  ifconfig eth0 'that number'
8.  ping some place - you should get through to it but ssh and telnet 
still don't worik.
9.  lynx (any-url) brings up a library screen asking you to register with 
your library card and wait up to 60 sec then contact the librarian if not 
connected.  They used to require typing in some number they gave you 
instead.  A guest number should also work now.
10.  Tell the librarian that is has been a few minutes and no, it is not 
necessary to let the help people know my computer model, just that it is 
linux.  She says to close my window and open another one.  I have no 
windows.  I try ifconfig eth0 and assign a new IP number and run dhcp.....
11.  Reboot, go through the above steps a few more times, ping the dns 
server number, suddenly after about 20 min, though the IP number is now a
different one, lynx works, as do ssh and telnet.

Not only is this a lot faster than ssh via modem, it is a lot faster than 
having to use IE on a Mac (after the 20 min wait, of course).  No need to 
argue with librarians about using USB flash drives (they want you to use 
MS WORD to transfer files to them).  The laptop will be lighter in biking
weather once the ice melts by April.  I keep hitting Home instead of BkSp
but at least this Toshiba 335CDS has Ctrl where it belongs instead of Fn.
And the two obligatory Windows keys are out of the way in upper right.

It works (picked up wireless router signals at home) with Aironet 340, two 
orinoco-based cards (linksys and DELL) and in Win98 with a Linksys ver 4 
faster card.  These older ones are plenty fast enough, but how would I get 
a cardbus card to work in BL?  Is there some special trick or just load 
modules with the config file?

A 486 would probably also work.  Lynx is perfectly happy with 32MB RAM. I 
am currently using 24% of RAM, but three terminals are open and I am 
ssh'ed to two sites and running dhcp three times.  I can't find find a way 
to stop it and now I have four copies of it running. I should have typed 
dhcp -q to exit it after getting my number.

This took a few years to get working.

dhcp makes fewer complaints if I symlink the busybox ifconfig to 
/sbin/config.  it works without that.

I have in config
module "airo" opts "port_type=1"

  keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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