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> Salve,
> I have a pentium S with 1,2 Gb HD and 16 Mb Ram.

I found this at cpu-museum.de.  They run from 75 to 200MHz.
I first installed BL on a 75MHz 486 (with Pentium-type cpu) and 16MB RAM.

> I partitioned the hd this way:
> hda1 linux swap 128 Mb

I think the rule is to make the swap partition twice your RAM, in this 
case 32MB.

> hda5 linux           142 Mb
> hda6 linux            150 Mb
> hda7 linux            780 Mb

I have had various problems putting linux onto extended partitions. 
Since you want only four partitions you can make four primary partitions. 
You can also make a swap file instead of a swap partition if you need 
another partition (32MB swap file in each linux partition).

See the BL archives for how to make a swap file.  BL site, first link at 
the bottom of the page to BasicLinux support, then the last link on that 
page is a search form to search previous discussions about BL for 
information about swap files, lilo, etc.


My instructions how to put lilo on a boot floppy to boot to dos, bl3 or 
bl2.  Just change boot=/dev/fd0 to boot=/dev/hda)

Read the rest of this thread for any corrections to what I posted.

> I installed BL-3 from fd on hda5 and I put LILO in MBR changing lilo.conf
> I would like to install BL-2 on hda6 using fd version of BL-2. Is it
> possible to install BL-2  from fd and not to use a DOS partition? Is it
> possible to use LILO in MBR to boot BL-3 and BL-2?

I have used lilo to select between DOS, BL2 and BL3.

I put everything I could think of except kernel source code and compiler 
into BL3 and it still fit into 60MB.  100MB should be adequate.  I made 
BL2 larger because there is more precompiled software available and I also 
used to to compile kernels and other source code (much of this won't 
compile in BL3).  So you could repartition as follows:

hda1 - swap - 32MB
hda2 - BL3 -  100MB
hda3 - BL2 - 200MB (or as much as you can spare)

> I know there is package from Slack 7.1 but I could not find on BL web site.
> Is it still available and what is the install procedure?

The BL website has links to Slackware mirrors and you can find Slackware 
packages there.

> Thank you very much for any help.
> Giuseppe
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