[BL] 2.4.31 modules for nforce2

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Sat Feb 9 11:27:06 EST 2008

>From Sindi Keesan:


Useful in an eMachine 1.9GHz T2672 which has OHCI USB and nforce AC'97 
(i810xxx.o?) provided by the nvidia nforce chip.

BL3 will work with a 2.4 kernel (I posted lots of them) if your hardware 
is not supported by 2.2 (such as usb-storage).

The first is for the IDE PCI controller so it will do hard disk file 
transfers at 6.8MB/sec instead of 3.5 MB/sec (knoppix does 28MB/sec in the 
same hardware).  Unlike via and promise controllers, you can use it as a 
module instead of compiling into the kernel.  Would it work better in the 

The second is the ethernet driver, which I also compiled before for Ron.

I also uploaded kl5kusb105.o, which should let you use a serial palm PDA 
with the Palm serial-to-usb adaptor.  What we need is the opposite, since 
two of our three palms with USB cables won't work with them.  One of them 
works with a serial cradle but the others don't have those.  They all work 
in Win98.

Previously I uploaded a usbserial bzimapda.431 kernel which does work with 
palm m105 and used to work with visor in older computers.  Maybe the USB 
2.0 is interfering somehow.   m105 works, visor and clie cannot connect.

keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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