[BL] 2.2.26 usb-ohci will not insert

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Mon Feb 4 12:38:29 EST 2008

I have an add-in USB 2.0/1.1 card which works as usb-ohci (and ehci-hcd 
for USB 2.0) with 2.4.31 kernel in BL2.

In BL2, with kernel 2.2.26 (p1 or big) it will insert usbcore but not 
usb-ohci. 'device or resource not found' with the 'big' kernel.  It
also refused to install with p1 kernel.

I cannot find any reference to USB in the config for 'big' kernel.

Steven did not compile uhci-ecd for 2.2.26 kernel.  Maybe the source code 
was not available for 2.2.26.  So we cannot try it instead.

We are trying to use a USB PDA in 2.2 because usbserial (compiled into the 
kernel because it won't work as modules in 2.4 due to a bug) does not work 
in 2.4 on one computer (it does on this computer, where it is not working 
in 2.2).

Any ideas for getting 2.2 to insert usb-ohci?  We will try on other 

We have an adaptor cable for pluggin a serial PDA into USB but not vice 
versa.  This CLIE came without any cables but works with a small-end USB 
cable.  It works in Windows 98 on the computer where it does not work with 
2.4.31 usbserial kernel.  The hardware is circa 2001.

PDAs (graffiti) can read my partner's handwriting better than he can. 
They are a nuisance to use with Windows.

keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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