[BL] 40 columns and PDA as terminal

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Sat Feb 2 10:20:08 EST 2008

On Sat, 2 Feb 2008, baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:

> Message from Steven
> ===================
> Sindi wrote:
>>> BL2 comes with the required line in inittab but
>>> BL3.4 and BL3.5 do not.
> BL3 does not have a normal getty.  It does not have
> a login prompt.
If I were to add the line from BL2 to BL3, would it let me connect a 
serial terminal to BL3?

>> I uncommented the line in inittab and rebooted first.
>> The serial port now no longer works for PDA file
>> transfers
> That is correct.  The getty is now on that port.
I know it is correct, that is a good sign.

>> What step did I leave out?
> I know nothing about your PDA.  The only thing I could
> suggest would be to make sure that you are connected
> to the right port.
> Cheers,
> Steven

I am connected to the right port, but I am not getting a login prompt.
I looked at tdlp 'text-terminal-HOWTO'.

I tried this with ttyS1 and ttyS0.  I can
echo test > /dev/ttyS0
and test appears on the screen.
Every time I do this it appears on the next line, but
to the right of the previous 'test'.

I have the PDA terminal program set to LF.  CR or CRLF works the same.
Eventually the line wraps, but it is not doing a carriage return.

What did I omit to get the login prompt?

All the ttys are crw for root.
BL2 tty3 is not r or w for user, ttyS0 is r--, ttyS1 is -w-
BL3 tty? are not rw for user, ttyS0 and ttyS1 are r-- user.
Since I don't get a login prompt, this should be irrelevant to dumb 
terminals but how should permissions be set?  I can login as user on the 
BL2 tty1-4.  I don't do anything to get the prompt but chvt (or Alt 2 for 
tty1).  Do I need to do something on my text terminal (with the terminal 
program) to get the login prompt?

To log in as root I would need to add /dev/ttyS0 and 1 to /etc/securetty.


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