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Fri Apr 18 13:53:41 EDT 2008

Message from Steven
Ted wrote:
> (1) a walk-through/tutorial on the installation to hard disk.

Assuming you have unallocated space on your HD,
use fdisk (in BL3) to create a Linux partition.
You probably also should create a swap partition.
If you tell us how much RAM you have, we will be
able to tell you whether you need a swap partition
and how big it should be.  Also, tell us if you do
not have unallocated HD space -- we can tell you
how to get some.

Once you have a Linux partition, use mke2fs to
format the partition.  Then mount the parition
on /hd.  For example, if your Linux partition 
is /dev/hda2
mke2fs /dev/hda2
mount /dev/hda2  /hd
Then execute:  install-to-hd

> (2) Some advice on configuring the network. 
>     I'm plugging into my linksys router which is 
>     serving DNS to my other machines.

Are you using a PCMCIA network card?  Or is networking
build into you laptop?  If it is PCMCIA, is the card

> I really like BasicLinux so far. It's making my old 
> laptop usable again.

If you give us some details on your laptop and how it 
is currently configured, we will be able to provide 
more specific advice.


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