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Contains precompiled versions of rtf2html for linux (glibc) and DOS and 
Win32, and some demos, about 159K, 2002 Alpha version by a Russian.  Look 
up more info online.  Said not to handle all features of rtf but I bet it 
does better than Abiword.  Command-line.  Some features may not display 
with non-IE browsers.

I could ask the author for a libc5 version.

I need linux on a hard disk before I can test it properly.

There is also an RTF to XML conversion program, 2MB download of an 
evaluation version, which converts to PDF and other formats too.

When I asked someone to send me pdf instead of WORD, she sent rtf.

There is probably some online conversion site too.

keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
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