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Mon Dec 17 14:34:43 EST 2007

The win/lin hybrid internet computer was picked up by a new user who is in 
her seventies and has problems with mice.  She knows DOS and was able to 
get into and out of her account and reboot via console.  Boot to DOS, type 
LIN.  Ctrl-Alt-Del to exit linux.

She was holding the mouse upside down, and could not see the little arrow. 
Is there an easy way to make the pointer larger short of changing 
resolution?  Or red?  I suggested mail-ordering prescription reading 
glasses ($38 with frames) instead of peering out the bottoms of her 
bifocals.  15" monitor, 1024 resolution so that you could read the bottoms 
of windows in opera.

I showed her how to exit jwm with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.  How to get the menu 
with Alt-F1.  We discovered that Opera 9 (unlike 8 and 7) needs to be 
installed to work for user, or it segfaults if run from the wrapper 
script, but you can start it without a mouse.  Once in Opera you can type 
Alt-V etc to get a dialog box, but then is there some way to switch focus 
to it without a mouse?  Alt-Tab works between various rxvts in jwm but 
does not seem to work between windows in opera.  In icewm the newest 
window gets the focus.  Also in more recent jwm 1.8 - could the code for 
that be added to 0.24 source code?  I have not been using jwm because of 
the need to change focus every time (with Alt-Tab or mouse).  I may put on 
icewm and add to its menu, since she won't be using most of the jwm menu 

She may only run Opera in X.

To run one X program at a time without wm make a script 'XP10'
(Xvesa -screen 1024x768x24 &); DISPLAY=:0 $1  (for X Program 1024)
XP10 opera  or just a single-purpose script 'o'.
XP10 xpdf - did not fill the entire screen, could be enlarged with icewm.

You save a bit of time and about 2MB of memory (at 800x600x24).

How can I set jwm to boot to an rxvt, in .xinitrc?  Then the user could 
type o.

I set up eznet.conf for vtisp.com ($3.95/month without email or phone 
support) and her chosen login and password.  Anyone with a 486 can afford 
to be on the internet.  (386s don't always work with linux).

I forgot how to print directly with gs in Opera.  I tried making an lpr 
script to print with in Abiword but it did nothing.  wp prints so it is 
not the hardware.  She is happy with wp for writing letters with.  I said 
to get any older printer.  (Deskjet ppa printers won't print plain text - 
which other ones should be avoided?).

I put on the main menu graphical links, lynx, opera, abiword, text editor, 

keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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