[BL] BL3.50 for 'user' missing some pieces

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Sat Dec 15 13:25:53 EST 2007

I am putting together a combination script and instruction package for 
making BL3.50 usable as 'user' (after getting it working in BL2) and 
I discovered that BL3 busybox does not include chgrp.

I was told to chgrp users on all the files in the user's home directory.

I now have files in /home/user owned by user but group is root.
This may not be important.

Busybox can be compiled to include chgrp, not just chown.  asmutils has 
only chown.

If as user I print a file with lynx to /home/user it gets saved as owned 
by root until I edit /etc/profile to remove export HOME=/root.  After 
rebooting lynx saves files that are readable by user.

lynx.cfg should be set to save files to some place accessible by user.
For a single user computer I have
chmod o+rw /download

ssh requires /dev/urandom to work and BL3.50 is missing it.
dbclient may be okay without it.


BL3 is set to run X at 640 or 800 resolution.  Opera does not display very 
well at either of these.  The bottom of the page about 'Continue...blank 
page' is cut off.  I know BL is designed for older laptops but it would 
still be nice if 1024 could be added to the startx menu in the downloaded 
version rather than needing to hand-edit /etc/Xconfig.  (From Xconfig I 
see how one can add lines to rc with echo - is there some way to add or 
remove # in rc and profile?)

Opera 9.23 can be run from the directory it was unpacked to, using the 
wrapper script.
cd /opera*

I think with older versions you did not need to cd first, not sure.


I think path for user was only /bin and /usr/bin until I removed the line 
from profile about export HOME=/root.  User can now access all but /sbin 
and /usr/sbin.  Is there some reason not to symlink /usr/sbin to /usr/bin?

I need to put in a modem to test dialing.  This is a dual Win98-BL3 
computer and Win98 is rejecting three perfectly good 28-33K hardware 
modems.  Cannot open port.  The new owner may use only linux for internet.

I thought I posted a few additions to my previous posting but don't see 
that email. Here they are again.

chmod o+w tty?
chmod o+w /dev/urandom
(Both so ssh will work)
To make /dev/urandom:
mknod urandom c 1 9

Delete or comment out the line in /etc/profile
export HOME=/root

12 second boot on a 233MHz computer, mainly because the hard disk is 1GB 
(with Win98 on most of it).

keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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