[BL] Specific N.I.C. and sound drivers for BL3-50?

baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org
Fri Dec 7 01:17:04 EST 2007

>>> 2) The sound card is a built-in computer component which registers as
>>> a 'Crystal PnP Audio System MPU-401 Compatible' in Windows 98.
>> For kernel 2.2.26 without external or synthesized midi (use the BL
>> timidity package instead):
>> insmod soundcore
>> insmod sound
>> insmod uart401
>> insmod ad1848
>> insmod cs4232 io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=5
> went ahead and carried this out after downloading the extra needed BL3
> modules (for kernel 2.2.26)
> No error messages from this and 'lsmod' showed that these modules all
> seemed to load fine.
> Once this was carried out and 'mpg123 /tmp/test.mp3' started,
> IRQ/DRQ Configuration Error messages kept appearing on the screen.

I was getting messages like this at one point with an SB16 and mp3 files 
(I think the other formats worked), but I think the dma2 (dma16? - you 
could try that instead) fixed it.  Please search the BL archives for DRQ. 
Does workbone work to play music CDs?  (You need to symlink hdc or hdd to 
/dev/cd first).

Try sox.tgz play program on a .wav file.

I posted a BL3 midi player playmidi (http://keesan.freeshell.org/bl maybe 
in a BL3 directory).  Try that on a midi file if you first insmod opl3 
io=0x388 and use the switch -4 or -f for synthesized midi.

> 'cat /proc/ioports' showed the Crystal audio controller as
> io=0x220-0x223 with no other overlapping addresses
> 'cat /proc/dma' properly showed dma=1 and dma=5 with the Crystal audio
> controller
> 'cat /proc/interrupts' showed 5: 232
> Stopped looking into configuring this sound-unit from within DOS,
> and/or spending time playing around with the repository's mpu401.o
> module.

Try to get it working in DOS first and then boot with loadlin?

> -itf36

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