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Sun Dec 2 08:54:41 EST 2007

baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org skrev:
> Message from Steven
> ===================
> Mikael Bonnier wrote:
>> I read in some earlier message that you could start 
>> the thin client (X server) with startxt. 
> Yes, but first you need to bring up the network
> (insmod, ifconfig).
>> Then on the server (X client) I did:
>> DISPLAY="" xrvt
> I assume you mean rxvt.

Yes, I spelled it right on the terminal. What prevented it from working 
was the missing ":0".

>> but it didn't show anything on the thin client.
> Try this:
> ------------------------------
> export DISPLAY=
> xterm &
> ------------------------------
Thanks this (almost) worked. Should be rxvt instead of xterm on BL3.50 
without extras. Maybe xterm should be an alias for rxvt on future BL.

> I assume that is the address of 
> the thin client (and that it is pingable).
>> On the X client I also tried with adding 
>> "-query" to Xvesa startup line
> You don't use the -query parameter on the X client.
> It is used on a thin client to connect to xdm 
> (or similar) running on the X client.  

Now I run this on the X client (server for the thin client) -- one does 
not have to start X:
DISPLAY= /root/.xinitrc &

Then I get the blue background, but I still have a 2 button mouse and a 
800x600x16 screen on the laptop that is now a thin client -- which is 
good (my server for the thin client has a 3 button mouse and a 
640x480x15 screen since my monitor is pure VGA (B/W inverted video). I 
guess startxt reads some local configuration.

It was also possible to use telnet in a Linux Console on the thin client 
to start .xinitrc on the server (having first startxt in another Linux 
Console). However, Asmutils telnetd is primitive and perhaps also 
Busybox telnet (or my system is not configured correctly) so I had to 
extend the $PATH before I could start successfully completely remotely. 
Normal commandline editing didn't work using this pair of telnet and 
telnetd. I think it is telnetd that is most wrong since it doesn't work 
well with telnet and PuTTY (in telnet mode) in Windows 2000.

When I searched the Internet I found a useful keybord shortcut in X:
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace	Shuts down the X server.

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