[BL] Xvesa, startxt, and startx for thin client

baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org
Sat Dec 1 21:05:00 EST 2007

I have two computers with BL3.50. I would like one to function as a thin 

I read in some earlier message that you could start the thin client (X 
server) with startxt. Then on the server (X client) I did:
DISPLAY="" xrvt
but it didn't show anything on the thin client. On the X client I also 
tried with adding "-query" to Xvesa startup line, but that 
didn't work either.

How can I get this to work.

Networking in general works since I've successfully tried both ftpd and 
telnetd (telnet didn't show prompt though).

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