[BL] how do you move files to/from your local net ?

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Sat Dec 1 05:41:14 EST 2007

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    .... ...
> I got around this by writing a script to automatically
> generate an index.htm with a clickable list of files
> in that directory.  Tell me if you want a copy.

Yes please, might you post it at the main BL site so everybody can
get a copy ? 

>> I also thought of using nc/netcat. 
> That's what the BL3 send/receive scripts use.  If you
> have netcat on the other Lin/Win machines then you will
> be able to use send/receive.

Aha! Must have a look at those scripts. I put netcat on Win machines
routinely. OTOH, I am not in the habit of installing-running FTP



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