[BL] FreeBSD file system

sindi keesan keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun Oct 22 17:28:14 EDT 2006

The same people who left us at the curb a Compaq computer with Redhat, a 
large hard drive and lots of RAM, and 2X CD burner, but no floppy drive or 
cage (perhaps they thought it contained their data???) just put out an HP 
with a 10GB drive and 256MB RAM, and DVD-ROM drive, but no floppy drive or 
cage, with FreeBSD that is not ext2.  Redhat had login 'root' and password 
'Enter' (and took forever to boot with 384MB RAM so we replaced it with 

Redhat was not working right because it needed hdparm run to set a 
parameter related to timing.  It was nearly new.  This one is 6 years old 
(probably why they gave it away), but the FreeBSD may be newer.

What file system does post-1999 FreeBSD use and what module would we need 
to add to the BL3.40 kernel to access it?  Would it make the kernel a lot 
bigger to compile it with NTFS and ext3 or whatever recent linuxes and 
BSD's use?

Once we can access the files, where do we look for the login and password? 
Unlike the compaq, it is not 'root' 'Enter'.  Would they be encrypted and 
if so, how do we change to 'root' and 'Enter'.

People have started to give us working 700MHz computers with DVD drives 
(because they won't take 512MB RAM) and one 800MHz (because they don't 
have a PCI video card with XP driver to replace the failed onboard video 
chip).  And a 2.4GHz board/cpu that only needs 3 bad capacitors replaced. 
I suppose it would compile a kernel in 1 minute instead of 5.


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