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John Beck john at johnbeck.org
Sun Oct 22 08:30:27 EDT 2006

Evolution (email program) with the "exchange connector" is the only way 
I know, and I think you have to purchase the "connector".


Rob Heard wrote:
> Hi.  I hope someone can help me.  My work is in the process of
> changing to a Microsoft Exchange email server.  Once this is done
> there will be no access to work emails except by using Microsoft
> Outlook.  They told me all incoming emails will be automatically sent
> from the IMAP server to the Microsoft Exchange server.  Outgoing
> emails will still be sent via the IMAP server, so other email programs
> can send emails but not receive them.  The IT crew at work have all
> become Microsoft acolytes, and appear to have absorbed its
> monopolistic approach.  To ensure other programs can't be used to
> receive emails they've disabled the automatic forward feature on
> Outlook, "for security reasons".
> Does anyone know of a way of getting emails from an Exchange server
> without using Outlook?  I currently use DOS, unix/linux and, where
> necessary, Win98 and XP.
> I've always enjoyed emailing up till now, but if I have to use Outlook
> I'll feel unclean.
> Rob Heard
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