[BL] Help with email

Rob Heard rhea4446 at mail.usyd.edu.au
Sat Oct 21 21:01:01 EDT 2006

Hi.  I hope someone can help me.  My work is in the process of
changing to a Microsoft Exchange email server.  Once this is done
there will be no access to work emails except by using Microsoft
Outlook.  They told me all incoming emails will be automatically sent
from the IMAP server to the Microsoft Exchange server.  Outgoing
emails will still be sent via the IMAP server, so other email programs
can send emails but not receive them.  The IT crew at work have all
become Microsoft acolytes, and appear to have absorbed its
monopolistic approach.  To ensure other programs can't be used to
receive emails they've disabled the automatic forward feature on
Outlook, "for security reasons".

Does anyone know of a way of getting emails from an Exchange server
without using Outlook?  I currently use DOS, unix/linux and, where
necessary, Win98 and XP.

I've always enjoyed emailing up till now, but if I have to use Outlook
I'll feel unclean.

Rob Heard

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