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Hi Folks,

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> From www.webopedia.com
> Type I cards are up to 3.3 mm thick and are used to add ROM or RAM.
> Type II cards are up to 5.5 mm thick and are used for other things like 
> modems and network cards.  Available in 16-bit or 32-bit (cardbus)
> Type III are 10.5 mm and hold portable disk drives.
> Type II slots can hold Type I cards but not vice versa for obvious 
> reasons.  Type III slots can hold two type II cards.
> Wikipedia says there were 5 volt and 3.3. volt cards, but some slots only 
> worked at 5 volts and you could not put a 3.3V card it because it had a 
> key on the side.  Cardbus cards are 3.3V only.
> How wide is your slot?  Is there a slot for the key?

   The slot in the side of the laptop has space for two cards.
And from the webopedia entry, it looks like this "expert" did not understand what he was telling me, and which was wrong.

   Looking inside the slot bay, the two slots have two rows of fine pins each, which look identical. the slots do not look exactly equal in the thickness of card they could accomodate. At the ends of these rows of pins is what looks like a small shiny nut (or bolt head), which would limit the rectangular width of a card. 

   So it seems I have a type II slot bay.

   In which case, it should be possible to put an ethernet card into one (or both) of the two slots available.  Might be time to take this venerable ex-schoolkid toy to my friendly local computer supply shop and see what he has.

> Compact Flash cards were introduced in 1994 and fit into PCMCIA Type II 
> adaptor.  Is your computer pre 1994?

   Don't know.  The label underneath is still intact and says:
   T2130CS/520 System Unit
   Model No. PA1196EA
and a serial number.

   No sign of a date.


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