[BL] How to sys DOS on a laptop without floppy drive

sindi keesan keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Aug 27 14:02:19 EDT 2005

> I might give up on Redhat and install SW4.0 via CD to the 128MB partition
> and use that to dial and fetch dosemu from the web or another BL computer
> (via plip if pcmcia still does not work, typing over Steven's send/receive
> scripts, or pppd if I can figure it out and use minicom.)

I first tried DSL which had a PCI:Deive 00:12.1 not available because of 
resource conflicts, and I had to power off and on again.

Ubuntu needs 128MB RAM.

I installed Slackware 4.0 without X into 38MB of hda3, and stupidly set it 
up to need loadlin instead of lilo.  Since I don't want to get into lilo 
right now, I tried chrooting to it from Redhat 7 but programs did not work 
right - they use different kernels and libraries and paths.
I rebooted from the SW40 setup disk and was able to chroot to SW40 on hard 
drive, and then copied over loadlin and vmlinuz to a BL2 directory on C:

I was able to do this because in the meantime my partner found a Toshiba 
laptop Win98 recovery disk with oformat.com on it, which formatted C: and 
put on the three system files, but it came with no editor (he used copy 
con as an editor).  He needs a mode.com in order to transfer llpro over a 
transfer cable and figured out he can 'extract' it from a Win98 CAB file 
which we may do next so that we can move some DOS files and the RAMdisk 
BL2 and loop BL3 to hda1, and then BL2 to /hda3.

SW40 has plip.p and so does Redhat 7.0 (in /net not /misc).
I was able to set it up as in BL and I typed (with Joe) the receive script 
and then discovered I have not got the 'nc' (from busybox).

Is there some other program in SW I can substitute for nc at both ends, or 
at least at the receiving end?  Or some other way to send files over a 
plip connection?  Can I do http over it, for instance?

pcmcia in SW40 is already set up and it also tells me the sockets are 

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